Designer Vintage Clothing

Designer Vintage Clothing Curated by a Professional

There are many, many vintage clothing stores in Los Angeles, but The Kit Vintage is special. Our carefully curated collection of clothing items represents vintage pieces from such designers as Oscar De La Renta and Bill Bless. Their reputation and ours means you can always count on each piece being very high quality and in very good condition. In short, these classic clothes are completely ready-to-wear.

Los Angeles is a great place to shop vintage because the city brings together so many different designers, cultures, and ideas that impact fashion. However, it takes the right eye to filter through all possibilities to find the right items that really feel one-of-a-kind and are worthy of walking the red carpet. We do that work for you so  you can feel confident that you’ll see something special whenever you walk into The Kit Vintage!

The Secret Behind a Good Vintage Boutique Shop


What makes a vintage boutique shop so different from simple thrift stores? It’s the direction and guidance from the owner or manager that fuels a curated collection designed to showcase the very best. The Kit Vintage was started by Robyn, who has plenty of experience first working as a fashion designer and analyst on both the East and West coasts.  Because of that trained eye for style, Robyn has been able to create a vintage clothing store that carries some of the standout fashion pieces of the last 60 years.

Everything is memorable, iconic, and often carries the mark of a distinguished designer. Many pieces are decorated with refined, delicate touches such as silver and gold embroidery, embellishments, and sequins. If you’re looking for unique pieces to wear to a special occasion or once-in-a-lifetime party, it’ll be here at The Kit Vintage.