Magnificent vintage Gucci Coat from 1978.   It could not be a better pairing between the luscious fox fur trim and plaid printed wool.


For its age, this coat is in perfect condition.  It was in storage for the last 20-30 years!  It literally has not seen the light of day until now.


Its high/low effect is just as modern today as it was when it was worn back in the 1970's.  Throw on knee or over the knee boots, and this piece is taking off again into our modern day.


It also comes with a matching belt and pockets on each side.  Each wrist has a button to open and close the cuffs.


This coat will fit various sizing, for there are not buttons that close the coat.  The belt can be used for closure.


Fitting a modern size Med/Large.  Please message with any furthur questions.

Gucci 1978 Fox Fur and Plaid Wool Coat