This really spectacular set by Pauline Trigere is constructed from layers of silk chiffon. The silk used is almost weightless and it feels like wisps of air once on. The skirt flows to the mid-calf and is constructed so that there is an inner layer of the chiffon that is seamed so it closes around the hips and then another layer of silk over that attached at the waist only.
The waist of the skirt measure 24.5" inches when pulled taught.
You step into the skirt and then close it at the waist with two flat hook & eye.

The top flows freely over the shoulders, also constructed out of two layers of the most weightless black chiffon fabric. At the waist, there is a front closure of hook and eye fastens, which accentuate the waist and make this look effortlessly sexy.

Pauline Trigere Silk Blouse & Skirt Set

SKU: SH102

7427 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90036