From the Comforts of your home to an evening out, this dress has it all!  It has the comfy cozy knit top that would fit right into any evening affair.


The juxtopostion of the knit and satin elements of this dress is perfection.


The 'shirt' of the dress is a textured striped knit.  Its got the wide stripe on each sleeve and the ribbing knit 'belt' which is sewn in to the dress.  Down from its waist a satin skirt that is cut on the bias.  its drape is gorgeous.  The back mermaid detail on the skirt elevates this dress to another level!


The dress is in great condition.  I notcied 2 tiny holes near the hem- they are quite unnoticeabel.  The unfinished hem is the way it was made.   


The dress is attributed to Rick Owens.  It no longer has a label inside.


It fits up to a modern size 6/8.  Please see measurements to confirm sizing.  The knit of the dress has stretch.


Bust:      40'44"

Waist:    26-28"

Hip:        30-36"

Length: 55"

Rick Owens Knit & Satin Dress


7427 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90036