Inspired by the height of Old Hollywood and the 1950's, Robyn designed The Kit's first branded shoe, our Marabou Feather Slide.  


This heel is the perfect vintage style accessory to add to any modern day look. These pair well as a bridal accessory, taken out for a night on the town, and to the office! 

After two full years of fine tuning, Robyn finally perfected the design to be both comfortable and chic.  "This has been a labor of love to get these shoes made!"

With the perfect heel height, our slides can be worn all day into the night comfortably while looking absolutely elegant. The body of the shoe is made from a silky satin.   Our insole is cushioned for a very comfortable fit.  The sole is made up of leather, and they are decorated with marabou feathers on top.

Reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe & all of our Iconic Hollywood Beauties, we 

hope for you to transform into the your own best version of yourselves while taking a spin out wearing our shoes.