Vintage Accessories

How Sustainable Fashion Can Help You Look Good While Conserving Resources

Fashion is a beautiful, but ultimately resource-consuming industry. Many gorgeous vintage pieces remain in perfect condition, just waiting to be worn and cherished. The Kit Vintage is proud to bring these pieces back to the forefront, and support the sustainable fashion movement. 

Just because a clothing item goes back decades does not at all mean it will be drab or quaint. We carry fashion featuring vintage prints and brocade fabrics, made to last and never fade. Our curated pieces showcase silks and chiffons, crisp fabrics, and even luxurious ostrich feathers. Perhaps best of all, your purchase contributes to a more sustainable, eco-friendly world of fashion.


Finding Vintage Accessories Via an Online Vintage Boutique

Big online platforms are supposed to provide everything at your fingertips, but all too often, their accessory selection is tragically limited. The Vintage Kit presents a much smarter option for those who want to illustrate their style with one-of-a-kind pieces. Our online selection and in-store stock focuses specifically on carefully chosen vintage accessories, often handmade with refined, precious materials.

There’s no chaff to sift through at The Kit Vintage, just excellence. Utilize our sharply designed online vintage boutique to find vintage accessories for a special occasion, important event, or just to spice up your daily wear.