Women's Vintage Clothing

Your True Source for Women's Vintage Clothing

Finding truly high-quality womens’ vintage clothing can be a bit of a challenge. All too often, stores branded as “vintage” are stocked with faded, commonplace, musty pieces. In contrast, The Kit Vintage offers a wide range of designer vintage clothing in flawless condition.

Our goal is to give you a direct connection to real, vintage clothing for the modern woman who wants to feel confident standing out in a crowd by wearing unique and stylish pieces. Our store’s collection is especially exciting to browse when shopping for a special occasion or important event, but has options for daily wear as well.



A Vintage Consignment Store Like None Other

Versace, Armani, Chanel- all are beloved names in fashion. Their brands live on today, but their older pieces still turn heads and are well worth seeking out. The Vintage Kit is proud to offer these vintage designer pieces on a regular basis. We search out the best of the past, collecting items from cherished design traditions and ensuring they remain in great condition. There’s no chaff to sort through on our racks.


Because our selection is vetting first for a real vintage expectation, it offers you great ideas for creating new combination styles for all occasions. It’s easy to create a unique look that no one else can replicate from a shopping mall or ordering online. The Kit Vintage is the vintage consignment store that lets you travel to the past and make it your own.